Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Neck Pillow BLACK

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Neck Pillow BLACK
Product Code: Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Neck Pillow BLACK
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The original and the best! Don’t buy the imitations!


 Memory Foam Neck Pillow


This Cabeau Evolution pillow offers long-lasting, unparalleled comfortable head support. Prevents your head from falling to the side. Spin it around for full frontal chin support. Holds your mp3 player or mobile phone to listen to music hands-free, lap-free, and pocket-free. Simply unzip the cover, remove it, and throw in the washing machine for fast, easy cleaning. Allows you to easily compact your pillow to 1/4 its size saving you valuable space via it"s included travel bag.

  • Responsive Memory Foam
  • Raised Side Supports for full head support
  • Adjustable Sliding Toggles
  • Compact Travel Bag included
  • Machine Washable Cover
  • Memory Foam Earplugs included
  • 4 Colours Available: Black, Red, Grey & Blue

Pillow Size: Length=240mm / Width=250mm / Height=125mm / Weight=330grams
Storage bag Size: Diameter=115mm / Height=140mm
Material: Cover=80% Cotton, 20% Polyester / Pillow=100% Polyurethane Memory Foam




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